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Failover feature ‘Discovery_level2’ is not available.. problems

    • Ezgi YAPICI


      First of all, I looked for similar tickets on the forum. I opened a Discovery simulation license to my client. (floating) Installation and licensing seems fine. I checked. He can run SCDM. But when discovery opens, it only opens as read-only mode and gets the following error.

      "Failover feature 'Discovery-Level2' is not available.

      Request name disco_level2 does not exist in the licensing pool.

      No such feature exists.

      Feature : disco_level2

      License path: 1055@XXXX

      FlexNet Licensing error: -5.147"


      When I checked the license content, disco_level2 increment is located.

      I would be very grateful if you could help me solve the problem. I wish you good work.


      Ezgi Y.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Forum Moderator

      Hello EzgiYapici

      Can you please confirm if this a Discovery Floating license?

      Can you also please share the client and server diagnostics?

      Please follow the steps at the below link to extract the same.

      Discovery Floating licensing: Gathering diagnostic information

    • Ezgi YAPICI

      Hello  Subashni

      Thank you very much for your return.

      We were able to fix the problem by changing the Client settings.

      Thanks again for your help.


      Ezgi Y.

      • gioele.genazzi

        EzgiYapici Hi Ezgi,

        I also have the same problem. Can you please help me and tell me what did you do exactly fo fix this problem?

        Thank you very much in advance.

        Kind regards,


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