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General Mechanical

Failure of soil

    • Ahmed nabil
      Thanks peteroznewman for reply??
      My model is about railway track and i study the effect of soil defects on the track
      So i want to know how to get the maximum shear strength of the soil in ansys to sustain loads without failure by shear stress
      I use ansys workbench14.0 where
      the model is in 2d
      Iam sorry when i want to reply to the last post it didnot available
    • peteroznewman

      Railway tracks lie on sleepers made of wood or concrete. The sleepers lie on gravel called track ballast which may be 300 mm thick on top of the soil that supports it.

      Sleepers are intermittent, which is really 3D geometry, but you will average that out and represent this as a 2D model.  Please reply with a Project Archive of your model and say which release of ANSYS you are using.

      Image by I, LooiNL, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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