Far field line plot in mode

    • Klotzkin

      I am trying to do something which is probably simple, but I cannot find the process.  I'd like to calculate the far field of some basic laser waveguide modes in the form of line plots (to get perpendicular and parallel FWHM, which are the usual measured numbers).  there are scripts like this one ( that talk about it, but I cannot find the relevant dataset in MODE (if I use FDE;:data::mode1, it does not work, and there no other monitors explicitely set).

      And the second thing is another 'where is the monitor' question.  In MODE, how would I calculate the fraction of optical power confined to the quantum wells, to estimate confiment factor?


      Thank you very much.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      What does your waveguide look like? is it 2D cross section or 1D?

      line plot only works for 1D. If it is 2D, you will need to first get the cross section in 1D. Do you have 1D data?

      Do you want near field or farfield?



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