Farfield image code

    • teddie smith

      I wrote a code that allows me to view farfield results at a specific wavelength and distance (r). The wavelength range is from 380nm to 780nm, and I obtained farfield results at -90~90 degrees. However, when I set r=1 in my code, the image differs slightly from the one produced using FDTD's farfield visualizer. Specifically, my result image is slightly shifted upwards. Is there any problem in my code?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry to reply you late as our team is busy in other projects.

      The reason most like due to the fact that, inside FDTD, it records frequency so equi-distance frequency does not lead to equi-distance wavelength. However in your script you sampled the wavelength uniformly. I would suggest to get the frequency data from simulation for your script and then compare the results.

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