Farfield3dIntegrate function not working in optimization sweep

    • Mike Neville

      Hi all, I am trying to use the farfield3dintegrate function as part of a figure of merit for the FDTD optimasation feature, but am getting a message saying this is not a valid function despite it working fine in the script environment. The code i am using is below.


      E = farfield.E2;


      ux = farfield.ux;


      uy =;



      acceptangle = asin(NA) *360/(2*pi);


      out =1;# farfield3dintegrate(E, ux, uy, acceptangle);

      out1 = farfield3dintegrate(E, ux, uy, 90);


      powernorm= abs(power);


      fom = powernorm * (out/out1);


      Farfield is defined as a result in the optimization fom environment. Can anyone suggest why this function may not be working?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Did you use those script inside Optimization ? it only holds certain script to work there. The best way to do this is in the "model".  Then you choose its output as the FOM during the optimization. Please try.

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