Fatal signal raised sig = SIGSEGV for a case with a moving mesh

    • ankbecker

      Hello everyone,

      I am running a 2D axisymmetric problem in fluent. Basically, it is a cylinder moving in a tube (similar to a train in a tunnel). To estimate the piston effect due to the movement in a stationary fluid, I have to build a case with a moving mesh. Here I've used a hex mesh and the layering technique. For simplicity, I started with a 2D model. Later the model will be adjusted to 3D.

      Starting my case, I get the error message" Fatal signal raised sig = SIGSEGV" after approximately 500 time steps. I don't think that it is a RAM problem, as I am calculating on an HPC Cluster and the mesh is rather coarse. Further, I started a similar case with the same mesh, the same boundary conditions and UDF for the motion of the part (DEFINE_CG_MOTION). Only here the motion is defined slightly differently and this case runs beyond 500 time steps.

      Any suggestions what the reason for the error might be?

      Thank you in advance


    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Probably, the definition of the motion is wrong. It would be difficult diagnose and provide suggestions. Is there something that raises a flag when you see the Fluent transcript file before the crash?
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