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Fatigue Analysis without SN-curve data.

    • Sahil Thakkar

      I am trying to perform fatigue analysis of a quenched standard cylindrical testing specimen. The material is 1.4301 / AISI 304 / X5CrNi18-10. The loading condtions are that of a rotating bending fatigue test. However, I do not have the SN-curve data for this material. I was adviced to use the hardness distribution on the surface to perform the analysis. How do I use the hardness information to do the analysis ?

    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sahil,
      The S-N curve of a material plays a critical role when analyzing any geometry with the respective material.
      So if you are able to generate the s-n curve data by physical testing or through data books, that would be helpful.
      Please check the following videos which are helpful in approaching the fatigue problem in Ansys - 
      ANSYS Student: Fatigue Analysis of a Formula SAE Hub - YouTube 
      A Look at the Ansys Mechanical Fatigue Module | Ansys Tutorials - YouTube
      6.1. How Fatigue Is Calculated (

      Would you please help with the details on the approach and any relation of hardness distribution with the fatigue properties of the material more in-depth? So I'll be able to help resolve the fatigue problem with ease

      Hope this helps!



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