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Fatigue Life preidiciton with Multiple Non Constant Amplitude load

    • dilipkj

      Hello All,

      I am currently writing my Master thesis with a company and as a part of my thesis I have to predict life of a component from a set of load cycles that I have extracted (and rainflow counted) from a multibody simulation. However I had a few questions on how to apply the fatigue load through the fatigue tool in ANSYS. 

      I have in total 9 channels of load histories (x,y,z forces at 3 different points in the component) which are of Non-constant amplitude load type that have to applied simultaneously. I see that the loading type in the fatigue tool can be changed to history data but I can input only one of load history channels and also there was no provision to apply this load history at a specific point/element/node in the component. 

      fatigue tool with load history

      Could anyone guide me on how to apply the loads simultaneously and predict life of the component? 

      Thank you. 

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