Fatigue SN curve

    • zayeem fazili

      Dear members,

      I am a PhD student , I am eager to understand SN curve of a material test. If a material is tested the resultant mean SN curve  showS 50 % probablity of survival/failure as accepted by many researchers. Or it depends on the tensile stregth of material. If tensile stregth value coresponds to 95 % Probability of survival as per the standards. In that case would the resultand SN curve be also 90 % probability of survival not the 50 % survival. 

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      Duplicate of, will be answered there.


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      Hi, some other discussions related to this topic:


      You can find some answers to your questions in this training:

      Then if you need data, you can find SN curves and documentation for example in Granta databases (EduPack for teaching, Selector and MI for research). See the screenshot below as an example.




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