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General Mechanical

Fatigue test on a pre-cracked pipe

    • madelpa


      I'm trying to evaluate the number of cycles that my pipe (diameter 559 mm and thickness 15,88 mm) with a semi-elliptical crack could survive.

      I've put a zero-based loading with a internal pressure of 7 MPa but the life result, changing step by step the Front element size, is too different and it seems not to stabilized.



      Any suggestion? 


      Thanks in advance,


    • smahire299


      I'm also working on fatigue crack propagation but using edge cracked specimen. With SMART crack, I am facing problem. I've entered the required properties like fracture toughness as well as Paris law coefficients.

      Can you tell me for fatigue crack analysis, which material properties you have provided? 

      It will be really helpful for me.

      Thanks Screenshot for FRG analysis

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