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fatique analysis

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      I have to do a fatigue analysis of the PIFA antenna, which will be affected by electromagnetic rays. What parameters do I have to enter to make the result a reality?
      At this moment an error appears:
      'Invalid or missing stress life curves'

    • peteroznewman

      What load is deforming the structure in a periodic way that builds up cycles of fatigue?

      In Workbench, open Engineering Data, click on the material used in the model. There is a Life category in the Toolbox on the left. Drag out a S-N Curve and drop it on your material. Below is the example from Structural Steel. Enter the measured S-N data for your material in the blank yellow cells.

      Some materials have a linear S-N relationship established on the log(N) scale. In that case, two parameters define the slope and intercept of that line. In that case you use the Linear S-N model.

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