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FDE Propagation Constant

    • Carlos Segovia Bustamante


      I'd like to know how I can obtain the components of the propagataion constant, \beta. My intuition is that this is done using the electric-field components from the FDE simulation. I wonder which equations FDE solver is using to obtain \beta, so I can perform a similar numerical calculation with the field values that I can extract from the solver.


      Also, my understanding so far is that when we get the effectve index of refraction, this is done by using the magnitude of the propagation constant, \beta. My ultimate goal is to obtain \beta_x, \beta_y, and \beta_z, so this way I can numerically find the x-,y-, and z-components of the effective index of refraction and finally I can analyze the losses experienced in these 3 components.


      Thanks in advance!


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      You can first get the effective index of a mode. For example:


      you know the wavelength, or you can use




      For waveguide beta is the propagation constant along the waveguife axis. I am not sure you want to have other wavevector components.

      A mode is characterized to have neff and mode profile.

      Please check some publications.


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