FDE solver equations


    • mwhitby

      I believe that all of the equations here are created based on an electric field propagating in the positive z-direction. If I instead have my electric field propagating along the y axis and the optical field along the x axis:

      1. Will the formula for loss change? It doesn't seem to be dependent on the axis definitions.
      2. Will the formula for propagation along the x direction ("TE polarization fraction Ey") change? If so what would it be?


    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      The loss is calculated from the imaginary part of the effective index, so the direction of propagation won't affect this formula.
      I'm not sure if I understand this question. You originally said that the direction of propagation is along the y axis, but here are asking about how this changes the formula for propagation along the x direction. The direction of propagation for the mode is the direction normal to the plane of the FDE solver. For each direction of propagation there is a slightly different definition of TE polarization fraction, which are given on that page you linked:

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