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FDTD – Initialization takes too long compared to how fast it used to be.

    • Seongcheol Lee

      I'm running a optimization algorithm in which each individual FDTD simulation is extremely short (~1s).

      About 2 weeks ago, the "initializing" step started taking ~5 times longer than before, which slowed down my algorithm significantly.

      Currently it takes about 20s for a 2D simulation with following spec:

      Initialization and mesh: 164 MB
      Running simulation: 83 MB
      Data collection: 1 MB
      Monitor data saved to fsp file: 682 kB

      I noticed my CPU utilization stays below 1% during the initialization step.

      Is there any way to speed up this process?

      (I tried addjob command and running simulations in batch, but initialization for each job takes the same amount of time.)

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Please check your Resource settings. For small simulation file you may not need to use too many processes and threads. Please test and see how many are proper for the simulation.

      If this does not help, please check if there are any background software running. 

      You may also consider to reboot the computer, or even do a clean installation:

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