FDTD min mesh step

    • sabrikhiavi.r


      I am trying to set the FDTD minimum mesh step to a finer value as illustrated in the attached image.

      I was wondering what is the script command for it.

      Please note that I do not want to use the addmesh command for defining mesh override.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      You can use
      ?setnamed("FDTD","min mesh step",.2e-10);
      this will set the min step to be 0.2*10^-10 meter, which is very small.
      Please note that usually this parameter is to prevent users accidently set too fine the mesh that the computer cannot handle. And it is the smallest mesh actually can apply to the mesh, even though you set the override mesh or background mesh to be smaller than this one.
      It is not intended to use this value as the mesh size. You can use the override mesh to control the local mesh.

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