FDTD: Object library is empty – How do I access the photonics structures?

    • oluwatobi.olorunsola

      Hello - I wanted to initiate a ring resonator via the object library but I can't 'see'any structure there. I've used this feature recently but it disappeared on me for some reason. See attached picture.No object in library - no structures

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      This can be due to several different causes:
      1: online access

      from your screenshot, it seems your software is connect to the internet.

      2: it might lose some .dll file. Please check installation folder: C:\Program Files\Lumerical\v222\bin

      3: maybe the software installation has deficiency.

      You may need to install the newest version again. Or better to a clean installation, eg, to remove all Lumerical folders, files completely:

      Once cleaned the folders and files, restart your computer before reinstall the newest version.


      If the software is installed in other drive but not C:, I would strongly suggest to install it on C drive.


      4: it can be due to firewall which blocks the software accessing the online resources. Please make sure it does not block.

      5: Although it is less likely, but it could be that  your internet connection is too slow and software shifts between online/offline mode.  In this case, you may try it later when there is less internet traffic in your LAN.



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