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FDTD:cannot run analysis of solar_generation

    • Minhaz Mahmood


      I am new to Lumerical so point me in the right direction please. I have the log here:

      start running analysis script of ::model::solar_generation ... ... 

      Error: prompt line 52: in getdata, the d-card named field was not found.
        Try the command '?getdata;' to see which d-cards are available.
      Error: Result Pabs_thermal_export: variable not found.
      Error: Result Pabs_thermal: variable not found.
      Error: Result Pabs: variable not found.
      Error: Result Pabs_total: variable not found.
      Error: Result Jsc: variable not found.
      Error: Result G: variable not found.
      Error: Result G_export: variable not found.

      Monitors::0_FTO monitor
      Monitors::1_TiO2 monitor
      Monitors::2_Meso Monitor
      Monitors::3_MAPbI Monitor
      Monitors::4_Spiro Monitor
      Monitors::5_Ag Monitor
      Refractive index
      R Monitor
      T Monitor
      Perovskite monitor

    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Minhaz,

      I believe you are using getdata to obtain the data from "field" in your code. But when you look at the list of available d-cards, there is no object called “field”, which is causing the error. Is “field” a monitor in the simulation?

      If you are runing the solar cell simulation from our APP Gallery (Planar Silicon Solar Cell), make sure that you have the monitor called "field" within the "solar_generation" analysis group as shown below (Also make sure that the field monitor has data after the simulation is run, you should see data in the results view when you click on the "field" monitor) as shown below:


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