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FGM shell model – thermal gradient through thickness

    • Radman

      Is it possible to add command in workbench to set temperature to each layer of shell model?

      I found DA command which works in Mechanical APDL Ansys but doesn't in workbench.

      I need develop shell FGM model with variable temperature through thickness to prepare eigevenvalue simulation and then postbuckling behaviour.

      Maybe heatflux condition is available throught thickness as well?


    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      I assume this is a thermal analysis using shells since you mention 'heat flux condition'. Shell131 or Shell132 support layer specification for thermal analysis. The way this is handled is to add additional degrees of freedom for each layer. Please look up the doc at for this element type. Keyopt(4) determines the number of layers, So for example if you have 3 layers then KEYOPT(4) = 3: and the element will have 4 degrees of freedom --> TBOT, TE2, TE3, TTOP. These can then be individually specified via D command (for nodes) or DA command (for geometry like area).
      Heat flux/convection are applied for the entire face or edge. I don't think you can do this layer by layer. Heat generation rates can be applied by specific layers as documented in BFE command.
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