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    • Nicholas Russo

      I am using the fields calculator to find S21 for a finite (16x16 element) frequency selective surface (FSS). I am exciting the FSS with a normal incident wave above it and have an unassigned sheet below it. I integrate the poynting vector normal to the unassigned surface to find the net power flow and from that I find S21 assuming that the incident plane wave had a power of 1W. When using the fields calculator I selected the red X on the upper right-hand corner instead of closing it by pressing the "Done" button. This caused HFSS to close and when I re-opened the project, all of my simulation results in that design and all the other designs in the project were gone. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an issue with the fields calculator? Is there an issue with my simulation? 

    • slouie
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for posting.

      We have not heard of this as being an issue. Has it happened again or just that one time?



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