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Fin bodies modeled as shell showing very close frequency’s to each other?

    • BALA

      I am having a structure which has almost more 200 fins(thickness 1.5 mm) on outer part, I have extracted the midsurface of this fins and used a shell bodies in Ansys mechanical. The Fins or shell bodies are connected to the base part using MPC contacts, after solving for modal results i am getting very frequencys which are very close to each other and that are related to these fin bodeis only, for e.g 1213 HZ, 1214, 1214.2 etc . I am using wrong element do i need to consider it as 3d body only or do i need to select different shell stiffness option like defualt option is  Bending and Membrane shall i chnged it to membrane only?

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      How much difference do you expect between the frequencies? Say for 2 fins on a long surface, placed close to one another, I would expect similar frequency. Can you share a snapshot of the setup and results?


      Ashish Khemka

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