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Final composition of the Multicomponent particle

    • Timothée Herbeau

      Hello !

      I am currently modeling particles with DPM as "multicomponent" so that I can model the evaporation of the water it contains (amongst other chemical species). 

      After reading the theory and user guide, I still have two questions:

      -Is it possible to display, at the end of the simulation, the composition of the particles (especially the relative concentration in water vs other components) ?

      -Would the droplet model be more appropriate to model these wet particles getting heated up ? I feel like the multicomponent model gives more freedom regarding the fluid that is going to evaporate as opposed to the droplet one where only water can evaporate.


      Thanks for your help !

      Let me know if you need more details 


    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      You can keep using multicomponent particles, when your particle is made up of a mixture of many components. With the mass fraction particle field variables, you can post-process the concentration.

      • Timothée Herbeau


        Thank you for your answer and your time !


        I am not sure however how to access those field variables (I have activated the "DPM Variables" in the Sampling Options before running the calculation) is there something else to activate before running the calculation so that those informations are saved ?

        Because so far in the "particle tracks", I can only access one type of "DPM concentration" which seems to be the concentration of particles in the fluid.


        Thank you again,



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