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find all the negiboring cells of a given node

    • zrongjia


      hi guys. I want to find the 8 neighboring cells of cell(i,j) by using  UDF in Fluent. Do you know if there is a way to make it? I've figured out two ways to do it, but the udf didn't work. please see the questions below, thank you

      Q1: is there a way to retrieve all the cells associated with a given node? In this way, I can loop through all the nodes of cell(i,j) first, mark their indices, and then retrieve the cells associated with those nodes.


      Q2: I tried another approach using the macro “c_face_loop” to get the 4 faces of cell(i,j) first. After I got the neighboring 4 cells (marked as 1 in red) associated with these 4 faces, I used the “c_face_loop” again, in each of these 4 cells in order to find the other 4 cells (marked as 2 in black) that border them. Unfortunately, Fluent is currently crashing when I use “c_face_loop” for the second time.


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