Find the excitation phase that’s related to maximum B-Field using Fields Calculator – Maxwell

    • mega_kai2


      I have simulation in which I have to find the maximum B field on a plane (Plane 1) let's say 800mm away from the center of my simulation model. This is an eddy current simulation, so the excitations are sinusoidal. Now when I use the field calculator to find the maximum B-Field in Plane 1, I can do so with no problems. Furthermore I can also find the position where this maximum B-Field occurs with no problems. However, I have no idea about the phase at which the maximum B-Field occurs, or at least which calculator operations would work to find this phase. 

      I have tried plotting the point where the maximum B-Field occurs, and then generating a fields-report corresponding to a sweep in the phase (of the currents), but I couldn't exactly locate the phase where the maximum value occurs (or close to it). 

      The current operations I am performing in the fields calculator are:

      Quantity -> B -> Mag

      Geometry -> Surface -> Plane 1

      Max (Value/Position) -> Eval

      So my question is, is it possible to find the phase at which the Max occurs?


    • Raju07


      Have you solved your problem? I want to find B field in different points around a permanent magnet. Could you please help me.

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