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Finding Heat flow through convection boundary condition in APDL

    • abi151994

      Dear all,

      Good Morning.

      I am doing a 2D Steady state thermal Simulation in APDL. The geometry is a simple rectangular model.

      As boundary conditions I gave adiabatic on the left and Right Edge of the rectangle.

      In the top and Bottom Edge I have given convection boundary condition. The heat is generated in the centre of the rectangle as Body force (bf,all,hgen,0.007).

      I want to find out how much heat is transferred through the top and Bottom Edge. (through convection boundaries).

      Is there way to find this in APDL?

      (I saw in some tutorials to get the reaction loads in the boundary nodes. But in my model no reaction load is calculated when I checked) 

      Thanks in Advance.

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