Finding the Coordinates of nodes associated with a face in UFD

    • maria.marinari


      I am looking for a way to find the coordinates of nodes associated with a face. Is there any way to do this?

      I would like to perform calculations on them to produce a force profile at the centroids based on the coordinates of the nodes. 

      The UDF I currently have is applying the force to the centroids of the faces based on the coordinates of the centroids using this:

                      //Finding the position of the centre of the face
                      //Defining r
                      real r = pow((pow(C[0], 2) + pow(C[1], 2)), 0.5))
                      F_PROFILE(f, t, i) = thrust*r;
      I would like to change r (which is the radius of the centroid) to include the 3 node points instead.
      I have found the macro F_node but this just gives the number of nodes rather than the coordinates of the nodes.
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You may want to start here   https://ansyshelp.ansys.com/account/secured?returnurl=/Views/Secured/corp/v222/en/flu_udf/flu_udf_DataAccessMacros.html   We (staff) are unable to offer much beyond the manual references for UDFs, but the wider community doesn't have the same restrictions. 

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