Finding your Ansys (or Lumerical) account number

    • Chris Kopetski
      Ansys Employee

      This page explains how to find your Ansys account number, which is required to access some Ansys services such as the Ansys Customer Portal. It also explains how to distinguish an Ansys account number versus a legacy Lumerical account number.

      Finding your account number:The easiest way to find your account number is by opening a Lumerical product, going to the Help menu, and selecting the About option. This provides the product version, license expiry date and account number, as shown below.

      The Retrieving your customer number page lists additional ways to get your account number for customers with an Ansys license.

      Legacy Lumerical account numbers: Lumerical is migrating from legacy Lumerical account numbers (e.g. LS-12345) to Ansys account numbers (e.g. 12345678). If your license uses the legacy Lumerical license manager, you will see the legacy Lumerical account number. This number cannot be used to access Ansys systems. You will need to contact your Account Manager to get your Ansys account number.

      Example Ansys account number: 12345678

      Example Lumerical account number: LS-12345

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