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Fire resistance furnace laminar flamelet model

    • Morne_vB

      I am trying to simulate a furnace model with only the bottom burner running at full power (300 kW), with 5 points measuring temperature (5 thermocouples), numbered from top to bottom 1-5. An imported CHEMKIN file is used for the diesel mass inlet (C12H23) is 0.0035 kg/s and air (21% O2 + 79% N2) inlet 0.04 kg/s. There is a pressure outlet flue at the top and 2 outlets at the back of the furnace. The viscous model is k-eps with realizable standards wall treatment and a DO radiation model is used.

    • KR
      Hello,nYes, this looks like a convergence issue to me. This could be because of several reasons. nWhat is your mesh quality? nAlso, how large is your time step and what is your Courant number. Please try to reduce your time step to see if you are able to obtain a better convergence. nAlso, make sure your boundary conditions are physical.nThank you.nKarthikn
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