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First time licensing

    • Erik Lindquist

      I am trying to get the license manager so I can run a number of trial packages in evaluation of the potential benefit of the Enterprise Startup Package of software (or whatever it is called).  However, none of the material that has been sent to me maps to what I see when I click the links. 

      The video showed going to a licensing page and entering my account number, and that page says no Customer Account found.

      Other material says go to the Discovery Community and presumably download the license manager, yet all I see there is Ansys Discovery and Ansys Space Claim, which is not mentioned in any materials.

      Then the pdf document I was sent says just run ANSYS License Management Center, which I do not have on my machine yet.

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Erik Lindquist

      Please contact your Ansys Sales Representative for more information on this evaluation licenses. 

      The installer for Ansys Discovery and Ansys License Manager can also be downloaded from the location below:

      Current Release (ansys.com)


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