first time step result is wired

    • Jirong

      Hi All,

      I am simulating a simple model, a circular pipe, in FLUENT. I set it as transient, and my time step size as 0.01s and number of time step is 100, so total time is 1s.  I tried to use constant velocity-inlet to run it and got the resultant pressure value, but I found the first time step value of pressure was always wired and higher than I expected, after first time step it went well. 

      Then I made time step size to 0.001s and number of time step is 10, so total is 0.1. because I want to see what happened before 1st time step in the first simulation. The result was still wired, at first time step. 

      Is it because it was running as transient state?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      When you initialise the model it will take some time for that value to move to the transient value: check the initial conditions. 

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