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Fixed support vs Displacement

    • Niss


      I'm new to Ansys mechanical and I couldn't find a clear explanation on the internet about the types of support in Static structural.

      I am confused about the different kinds of support: what is a fixed support versus a 0 displacement? What are the assumptions in each cases. Is it possible to have access to the equations underlying these constraints?

      I tried to simulate a tensile test and see what difference it would give using a fixed support or a 0 displacement at the face normal to the load (on the other end) but Ansys does not run in the 0 displacement case...

      Also what would be the consequences of adding both symmetry and 0 displacement on the same face? 


    • peteroznewman

      All the descriptions below apply to solid elements, not shell elements.

      Fixed Support means X, Y and Z are all set to 0.

      If you have a plane of symmetry, that sets the displacement normal to that plane to 0.

      If the normal to a plane of symmetry was the Z axis, and you put both symmetry and a Z=0 displacement constraint on the face, the result would be that the nodes on that face would have a Z=0 constraint. There is no problem specifying the same constraint twice.

      If you have a cylinder and you slice it twice to make a quarter cylinder and have symmetry conditions on the two symmetry planes (say with an X and a Y normal), and you apply Z = 0 to the end face, you have fully constrained the quarter cylinder and can pull on the other end with a force or pressure.

      This will allow the Z=0 end to slide in the X and Y directions as the Poisson's ratio takes effect and will result in a nice uniform stress at that end. This is a lot different to the full cylinder that has a fixed support. The face cannot move as the Poisson's ratio dictates and stresses are created because of that.

      If you have a full cylinder and only use Z=0 instead of a fixed support, the solver cannot find equilibrium because X and Y are free and it doesn't know where to put them. This is resolved in the quarter model using two planes of symmetry.


    • Niss

      Thank you!

    • tofuu88

      Hi Peter

        I intentionally created an account to tell you just how amazing all of your responses have been on this forum.   I genuinely appreciate it.    I don't know how to privately message someone on this forum so would you be willing to send me an email at and let me know how to connect with you on Linkedin?

      I just want to tell you how much I appreciate people like you.  



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