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General Mechanical

Flaps’ Harmonic Response

    • Carlo Sabbatini

      Hello everyone,

      i am currently trying to study the effect of air flow on damper's flaps.
      I do an FSI one-way analysis (Fluent + Static Structural)  use resultant pressure obtain by fluent as imported load in Static structural.
      To Simulate Harmonic Response linked Static Structural to Modal and Modal to Harmonic Responce, but can't applied a load. I would import the flap's pressure obtain by Fluent but am not able to do.
      This Pressure is frequency dependent to simulate an air flow generate by a centrifugal fan.

      What method can i use to solve the problem?



    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Not sure we follow. If this is a 2 way FSI which it sounds like it is, then one can use system coupling between Fluent and Transient structural (see and search on the internet for video and tutorial on this as we do not have that here – since it is advanced).


      Perhaps also this helps – if you have a frequency dependent pressure load from Fluent in a .cgns format then we can import this onto a surf154 element attached to a structure using the FLUREAD MAPDL command.
      All the best


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