Flat plate with solar radiation and cooling

    • noelia.estremera


      I have modeled in FLUENT a flat plate of measures 15x15x0,001m, on one side I'm impinging solar radiation and for this I introduced a continuous air block to that side of the plate to simulate convection. On the other hand, on the other side of the flat plate, I did not introduce air block, and this side I am putting the condition of 300K temperature to simulate that a blower hits that side as if it were cooling.

      I would like to know, if on the face of the plate that has "cooling", is FLUENT considering the convection to the environment? or should I introduce another air block to simulate it and take it into account?

      Thank you very much


    • Kishan Konannavar
      Ansys Employee


      The imposed temperature of 300K will set the temperature of the surfae to 300K and solve the problem. It is blind as to how that temperature is maintained. Before going to the air block, I would suggest you to explore the convectve heat flux boundary conditions in the thermal tab of wall boundary conditions. It allows you to set convection heat transfer at the boundary surface.

      Please refere to the Boundary Conditions chapter in the Fluent User’s Guide. Also, I suggest you to  have a look at the 'Thermal Conduction in a Heat Sink' homework example in the 'Intro to Heat Transfer in Fluids' course on Ansys Innovation Courses in our Learning space




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