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FlexNet Licensing error 8.523


    • matei777

      Hello there,

      I have a problem with opening Space Claim.

      I have installed ANSYS 2019R3 student version in order to attend some ANSYS online course delivered by Cornell University.

      Because the Analysis Systems were not available in the Toolbox, I have changed the date in the license file from 2020 to 2021. After this change the Analysis Systems were available in the toolbox.

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee
      @matei777, You can't modify the contents of the license file, that invalidates the license. You need to renew the license as detailed in this forum post.n

      Student products has the inbuilt license key which keeps product running for one year from the date of its release. If you wish to use the student product beyond its expiry date, then please follow this process of renewing the license.You must replace the current license file (student.lic) with the latest license file.How to get latest license file:1) Download any one of the latest student product (Discovery Live, AIM or Ansys Student) from here: Extract the zip file and look for subfolder “student” 3) Go to this subfolder and extract file “WINX64.7z”4) You will get the extracted folder WINX64. Go inside> shared files > Licensing. You will find the new license file “student.lic”. Copy this file. Replace the old license file with the new copied license file available on your system. Default location of your old file is “C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\Shared Files\Licensing”Above process is valid for any type of student product [Ansys Student, Discovery Live or AIM] that you wish to renew.

    • matei777
      Ciao MMADORE!nnEverything is going fine now. nThank you very much!nn
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