Floating Point Error

    • ja1212

      Hello Everyone,

      I'm currently preparing my MSc Thesis on 'CFD Simulation of Submerged Water Jet Impinging on a Mobile Bed' but before that simulation I need to consider a simpler case of a submerged circular free jet (2D) and graph its velocity vs distance from the nozzle. I'm currently stuck on this simulation because the axissymetric simulation is giving me the program is telling me there is a 'Floating Point Error' (this does not happen when I consider the planar case).
      I've checked the meshing (element size = 0.005m) and the boundary conditions (velocity inlet, pressure outlet, wall, and symmetry) and it doesn't look like there is a problem.

      Inlet Velocity: 5 m/s (Reynolds ~150,000
      Turbulence Intensity: 3.6 %
      Turbulence Model: k-epsilon Standard

      Thank you for your time and help.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Can you check that the axis is along the x-axis and that y>= 0 for the entire domain?  Quickest way is to look in the "Scale"; if y<0 use Transform to ensure my previous statement is correct. 

      As an aside ANSYS staff are not allowed to open/download attachments so I have no idea what you posted. 

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