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    • Ibrahimabdullah

      i have conducted a simulation of UAV at AOA 15 and AOA 20 and i got reverse flow deducted regions which leads to difficulties in converging. after some readings it was suggested to try outflow instead of pressure outflow. i did so and the simulation was running smoothly for about 200+ iterations and then it shows floating points for SA and K-OMEGA-SST turbulence models. can anyone guide me on what to do ? in addition i have already played around with the URF but still not working. NOTE: everything was running smoothly before changing to outflow BC. 

      thank you for your help. 


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please insert images of your domain. 

      Please make sure that outlet is sufficiently away from your object to avoid reverse flow. 

      What are input conditions? How is mesh? If you are using k-w sst, then please make sure that you have fine mesh near walls using prism / inflation layers. 




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    • Ibrahimabdullah

      the domain is far enough from the model i believe.. i have attached the requested pictures below. my flow condition is sea-level standard at mach 0.2 which is 68 m/s at different angle of attack .. for AOA 10 everything is smooth and works well and the solution converge. but it shows reverse flow when i do the calculations for AOA 15 UNTIL 30 ..


      THANK YOU 



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