floating point exception error

    • hbilal1076

      Please senior help me to resolve the shown error.
      I will highly appreciate your help.

      when I compile UDF and then click calculate, after 772 iteration it give the following error.

      My mesh and orthognality quality is also fine.

      Divergence detected in AMG solver: enthalpy
      Minimum PDF table enthalpy exceeded in 325733 cells on zone 2.
      Maximum PDF table enthalpy exceeded in 17 cells on zone 2.

      turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 1.000000e+05 in 268951 cells

      Error at host: floating point exception

      ===============Message from the Cortex Process================================

      Compute processes interrupted. Processing can be resumed.

      ================================================== ============================

      Error: floating point exception
      Error Object: #f

      Calculation complete.

      I have thesis submission in a week, please do favour and help me in solving this error. TIA


    • hbilal1076

      Dear expert, seniors, please give valuable suggestion.

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee


      The error message indicates that the pdf table bounds are reached with the model settings you are using. These cells are limited to the minimum and maximum value of enthalpy. May I know the quality of mesh you are using.

      You can also try setting the maximum heat loss fraction to 1 and maximum heat gain fraction to 0.6 using tui command : 

      /define/models/species/partially or non-premixed-combustion-expert


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