Floating point exception error and temperature and momentum divergence

    • Prateek Srivastava

      Hi.. I am dealing with the condensation process in bubble coloumn dehumidifier. Water vapour and air mix is allowed to flow from bottom of the bubble coloumn chamber through sparger plate and initially bubble coloumn is filled with fresh water and condensation of water vapour occurs within this water coloumn and this condensed water should be flow out above the water coloumn to atm. And for cooling of this water coloumn we have provision of spiral cooling coil inside the water coloumn. BCD Size- 30cm height and 15 cm. dia

      Please give the solution in multiphase, which model should be used and also consideration of mass transfer.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The list of possible problems is fairly long. Start by checking the mesh, and then see if the model will run without phase change. Simply, turn models off until it works and then turn them on until it doesn't. That'll identify the problem. Let us know and we may then be able to help with more specific pointers. 

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