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Floating Point Exception in Fluent

    • emma
      During the calculation process an error occurs where the message 'Error: floating point exception' appears. This occurs within the second iteration. The mesh created states that it has been 'created successfully'. I have attempted to change the mesh size on several different occasions but I still get the same result. The simulation is to understand flow through a pipe which has the middle blocked off. The geometry was created in 3D with no need to use Topology, the structure of the pipe has been defined as solid and the space in the middle as liquid.
    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Emma at Resolute

      For your problem related to ANSYS Fluent, please submit a request through ANSYS Customer Portal or ANSYS Student Community based on the type of license you have. This ANSYS Discovery Community forum is specifically a place to seek assistance on ANSYS Discovery products and related queries.

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