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Discovery Import

flow arrow – 19.1 version

    • inetzi.s


      I am running a solution in 19.1 discovery version.

      Can you explain me to what does the blue arrow corresponds?

      Can we change its position? E.g., can we place it where the red arrow is marked on the image?

      Or is it placed automatically?

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hi  So-Ine

      The blue arrow represents 'Outflow'.  You can right-click on it in the solution panel, click on 'Edit location', choose the required plane to change it.

      We recommend you update to the latest version of Discovery products to enjoy new and improved features. 

      • inetzi.s

        Subashni Τhank you, I will try.

        I cannot however launch the latest version because it is not combaible with my pc.

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