3D Design

3D Design

Flow domain for a gas turbine blade with holes

    • f_antonelli


      I am designing a 3D gas turbine blade with cooling holes and I have a problem with creating the flow domain. In the image you se below I have drawn only one hole. Normally, without holes, I would pull the domain (no merge activated) and I would then use the combine tool to subtract the blade as I am studying the flow over it. If I try to use this procedure with a blade with holes when I use the combine tool I get the message "unable to intersect bodies". Can you please provide some advice, I can't use enclosures because I need specific boundaries for my periodic conditions. Thank you.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Please check geometry in SpaceClaim.
      Select geometry in structure tree --> Use right click --> Select Check Geometry. (Or Tools - Fault Detection in DM)
      The geometry should be error free to proceed.
      If geometry has any errors, please modify/recreate geometry at those places.
      Regards Keyur
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    • f_antonelli
      Hi Thank you for your reply. There are no issues with the geometry. I have found the solution to my problem using the tutorial 14 of the Spaceclaim website. (Manual fluid body creation).

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