flow induced motion causes damage onto tinplate

    • jenlun

       Hi, please excuse me if i unknowingly break the rules as this is my first post.

      i'm currently doing my fyp about an industrial problem of a factory which mass produce tin cans. and i'm supposed to find out the damage onto the tinplate while being supported on a supporting structure called wicket. the damage occurs because the tinplates vibrate on top of the wickets when they are being transported along a drying oven with ventilation air blowing. 

      So what i want to obtain is the weight removed due to the ventilating air, and conduct another simulation with a stopper (solution) underneath the tinplate. help is much appreciated, and do ask if there is any query.

      *i'm only a beginner at ansys, but i'm willing to learn

    • peteroznewman

      Please insert a sketch, photograph or CAD model of the geometry to help understand your problem.

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