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flow question m/s or m3/s

    • ionita.adrianbogdan



      I have a small issue regarding the flow measurement units. After creating a simple internal water flow in a pipe, it has inlet flow and outlet flow, but the flow is in m/s.

      Doesn't have to be in m3/s?

      In my project i have to use L/min, so i can convert it to m3/s not m/s.


      Thank you

    • Waled Raban
      Ansys Employee
      Hello ionita , Discovery Live currently does not support this feature. You could work around this limitation by manually calculating the equivalent velocity as: (Inlet velocity magnitude) = (mass flow rate) / {(Density of fluid) * (Area of inlet face)} The area of the inlet face can be obtained using the Measure tool from Measure tab.   You may also utilize the search function in the forum to see previously answered questions related to yours. See attached images. I hope this answers your question.  
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