Fluctuating residuals

    • vsjay3

      Hi All,

      In Ansys Fluent, I am modelling a pipe (with water flowing inside) passing though a soil block. As boundary conditions, I assigned top wall surface of soil block a fixed temperature of 70C and bottom wall a fixed temperature of 32.2C. However, when I ran the simulation for 800 iterations, I found something interesting. The residuals (especially the energy residual) started fluctuating. The temperature results seem to make sense though. So should I not worry about the residual fluctuation? Also why do you think it is fluctuating?

      Your kind advice would be highly appreciated!

      Thank you very much!

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Yes I will worry about the residual flucations as juding convergence will require not only monitoring key variables but aslo assissing numerical convergence in terms of residual and imbalances.

      Which model settings are you using?
      What about mesh quality?
      What about mesh resolution?
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      What are the flow boundaries? 
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