Flue gas condensation with condensate phase in Ansys CFX

    • seppell91

      Hello everyone,

      I've got a problem in Ansys CFX (2019 R2).

      I'm writing my master thesis about Flue gas condensation in a pipe.


      At the moment if got a flow calculation with following settings:

      The 3d model is basically a tube (d = 16 mm, l =500 mm) where only the fluid domain is calculated.

      I created two Materials. 

      •   Condensat: Homogeneous Binary Mixture with Saturation Properties set to Antoine Equation with Water and Water Ideal Gas

      •   Flue Gas: VAriable Composition Mixture with Water Ideal Gas and Air Ideal Gas

      In the Fluid-Domain settings are as follows:

      • Basic Settings: 1 Fluid (Flue Gas) as Continuous Fluid, Reference Pressure 1 [atm]

      • Fluid Models: Thermal Energy activated, Turbulence SST. Wall Condensation Model: Concentration Boundary Layer Model (Air Ideal Gas = Constraint, Water Ideal Gas =Transport Equation with the Condensable Option and the "Condensat"-Material als HBM)

      The inlet conditions are as follows:

      • Normal speed 1m / s

      • Static Temperature 100 ° C

      • Component Details: Water Ideal Gas = 0.16 mass fraction

      The Outlet is set to an average Pressure of 0 Pa.

      Die Wandbedingungen:

      • No Slip Wall

      • Smooth Wall

      • Temperature 364 K

      • Component Details :Water Ideal Gas = Wall Condensation Model

      This Calculation works fine. But I want to create a 2nd Phase for the liquid condensate. 
      I've tried to extend the Material "Flue Gas" with the component water and set an Boundary Source on the Wall (Water.mf -> Flux with the negative Condensate rate of Water Ideal Gas). But that did not bring the desired effect of a free water surface.

      Can anyone help me with the Settings for a Wall Condensation with a Water Phase?

      Or do I need another model for this? 

      Thanks for your Help.

       Edit: I have to model this in Ansys CFX!! 

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Is not supported directly. What you want to do is resolving the water film and this is not what the wall condensation model will do.
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