• SrihariVR
      Respected experts I have a system with internal heat generation. The system is embedded with a fins to dissipate heat.
      It is a round part.
      Heat is generated in a part at centre.
      Heat generation part is in contact with fin.
      The system is closed with covers and the heat from the centre part convects to the side covers also.
      I need to find how much heat is dissipated to the fins(through conduction) and the heat dissipation to the side covers(internal convection) and then the side cover also losses some heat due to free convection from atmosphere.

      1).free convection.
      2). Only air.
      3). Heat generation of 1000w/M3.

      Please give a solution to solve this kind of problem.

      A problem I faced was, I couldn't specify the fluid volume between the side covers where the convection happens inside the system.

      Please help me in this regards.
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Why can't you create the fluid volume? 

    • SrihariVR
      Respected Sir Thank you for the suggestions.
      Sorry that I couldn't get get your point specifically.
      I hope you got my problem statement. Even though I will explain it.
      A heat generation part is inside the system that dissipates heat via conduction to the fins and convection to the side covers.

      I feel like the inbetween spaces of heat source and the side cover should be treated as fluid.
      Please tell me how to do that.
      Or correct me if I am wrong.
      Thank you.
    • SrihariVR
      Respected experts Please refer the attached photo of the problem statement too.

    • Karthik R

      Please refer to the sequence of steps outlined in this video to extract your Fluid volume in SpaceClaim. Once you have your Fluid volume, you should be able to mesh the geometry and run the simulation.



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