Fluent 19 multiphase modeling

    • kojo_osafo

      I have been trying to simulate subcool pool boiling in Ansys 19 using the multiphase model. Heat flux is supplied and temperature is recorded. For the lower heat flux been supplied, results generated from the model diverges from the experimental data with a difference of about 10. Do I have to run the lower heatfluxes in multiphase or  turn it off and use laminar?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

       No, but you will need to go though the phase interactions and make sure all of the settings are correct. I assume you have a good near wall mesh too? 

      When you say the data differs by "about 10", is that an offset or factor? Which data? 

      As staff we can't answer all questions on an open forum, but with sufficient information we can offer advice/hints and the wider community can review files if that is required. 


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    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      You cannot use the RPI boiling model without activating turbulence modeling. Elaborate more on your question an we can try to comment your settings. You have however to know that the RPI boiling model is intended for convective boiling and not for pure pool boiling. 

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