Fluent Adjoint Method Optimization Parametric Study

    • eklein12
      I have been using ANSYS Fluent's Adjoint method optimizer for 2D flow over a cylinder with great results. However, I would like to somewhat automate the process if possible
      Is there a way to set up some type of parametric study with the adjoint solver similar to how you can set up parametric studies in workbench? i.e. I would like to run the optimization solver for a certain case, save the results, revert back to the initial case but change a single parameter such as a boundary condition (for example change inlet velocity BC from 1m/s to 2 m/s). I've started to look a bit into ACT and the Automatic Shape Optimization v3 tool which is available for download, but I currently don't see a way to achieve a parametric study as I am describing with these tools. I could be missing something and any help is appreciated!
      Thank You!
    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee


      You can use journal and scheme commands to automate the process in Fluent. You can find more information about journal and scheme commands below.


      2022 R1 > Fluent User's Guide > 5.6. Creating and Reading Journal Files

      2022 R1 > Fluent Customization Manual > 1.3. Scheme Basics

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