Fluent Adjoint Solver;constant chordline constraint

    • Aras karimi

      Hello everyone,

      I am quite stuck in the adjoint solver. How can optimize the wing without changing the airfoil chord while doing the 3D wing optimization in the adjoint solver ?

      I have already checked the 'design conditions' tab in adjoint solver options. But I am not sure how to use them to get it done.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee

      You can use Fixed-Walls-Constraint or Rigid-Body depending on your application. You can find more information about Design Conditions here: 43.2. Using the Adjoint Solver (ansys.com)

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      If you are not able to access the link, please refer to this forum discussion: How to access the ANSYS Online Help

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