Fluent Batch Mode error: No error handler available

    • Hahs

      Respected Sir,

                The story of error, which i encountered during  simulating my solution problem in fluent batch mode. I connected my machine through Putty(SSH) to super computer. In batch mode my simulation start running successfully in background but as the Putty(SSH) session terminated (2 hours termination time of Putty). simulation stopped and it gave me this error.

       No error handler available


      Warning: An error or interrupt occurred while reading the journal file.

      Some commands may not have been completed.



      > Halting due to end of file on input.



      Command which is used to run simulation in batch mode; nohup fluent 3ddp -t64 -g -cnf=M2.txt -mpi=intel -i input1.txt > output1.txt 2>&1 &

      ant the input file command lines are: 

       ; Read case file 

       rc ke.cas

      ; Initialize the solution


      ;Autosave data frequency



      ;Root Name



      ; Calculate 108000 iterations 




      ; Write data file 

      wd ke.dat

      ; Exit Fluent 



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It looks like the Putty session is also terminating the Fluent run. The error is that the journal has not completed, the solver is probably part way through the solver stage. 

      I don't think I can do much to help as it's likely something your IT department have set up. Please discuss with them, and the easiest solution is probably to increase the length of time  a remote session is kept open.   

    • paguado
      Ansys Employee

      Putty will terminate your session once it finishes. I was successful in the past with Tmux instead. With Tmux you can connect to the session remotely and detach it so even when you logout the process is still running. If you are executing it from a Windows machine you will need an emulator such as cgwin

    • Hahs

      Thank you for helping me. i find, solution to this problem from ANSYS user guide. the user guide said, when you running your process in batch mode, the batch mode execution option enable the exit on error option. so i  call the batch mode execution in text file and disable it,the exit on error option. so after this everything working fine.

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