Fluent commands with udf in the script.

    • Atul Singh


      When i dont have a udf in my example, resources online have indicated that fluent on the cluster (slurm based) can be done using the -mpi=intel -pinfiniband flags. (See for instance this link from university of south florida, which suggest parallel jobs require the above two flags,

      Putting the image as well, incase you deny opening the link,

      However, when I do have the udf in my input file towards a batch submission, this seemed to have thrown an error.

      So I have two questions,

      1) Does using parallel necessary require giving -mpi=intel -pinfiniband flags????
      2) If yes, what other commands/things i could look into to compile and load a udf as well, to this. Currently, if I have a udf , I simply remove these two flags.
      3) What recommendations can you give to compile the udf using the mpi and pib flags?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The command script required will depend on how the cluster is configured. On the Ansys cluster I launch Fluent at a queue and don't specify any parallel options other than the number of cores. 

      What suggestions have local IT made?

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